Butyl Rubber Stopper For Prefilled Syringes

Our rubber stoppers are made of chlorobutyl rubber materials which obeys the FDA rules , and our products are widely used in all kinds of domestic and imported medical products according to the different needs of our customers .Recently our 10mm Medical Chlorobutyl Rubber Stoppers are on hot sale.  it can be used in high therapeutical infusion products, sensitive powder injection medicine,blood plasma products and so on. Moreover, the products have good sealing and low water-gas transmittance, good compatibility with drugs. It has a low dissolution when our product is tested in lab which due to its pure formula,sulfur-free, zinc-free vulcanization system. It also has good puncture retention and low chip rate. If you are looking for a butyl rubber stopper supplier in china , we believe we are your best choice. Looking forward to your inquiries.

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